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If you thought you could get away with directing and telling your employees what to do; berating your players in the sports context or relying on your technical knowledge as a manager, leader, or coach, then think again.  What makes a great coach? unlocks the secrets of what over 500 coaches say makes a great coach and gives us the answer in a way that is practical and relatable.

Featuring stories and inspiration from some of the best coaches in the world, including some former World No. 1 tennis players, What makes a great coach? provides the much-needed authentic guide to becoming a better coach.

Whether you are a manager, leader, or coach, What Makes a Great Coach? is the book that we need right now to bring out the best, not only in our players or team members but also in ourselves.

The importance of this book is further supported by this article, entitled: 5 Essential Coaching Strategies for CEOs where Coach EM and other coaching experts share their insights. Click here is read more.

The top 10 practices of the world's best coaches

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