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Unleash Your Potential

Coach EM helps leaders COACH their people, retain talent, and maximize performance.

Emma Doyle

Dear Leaders and Managers

Three common CHALLENGES faced by companies:

  1. Task managers lack coaching skills to engage their teams.

  2. Teams struggle with communication, collaboration, and cohesion.

  3. High stress, relentless pressure, and burnout impact performance.

The Ultimate Fear is a loss of talent due to ineffective leadership, team disconnection, and burnout.

No one likes to admit their leaders can't inspire their teams. Often, it's not their fault. The lack of training and this engagement gap quietly undermine success.

Communication and collaboration issues are often overlooked. These silent struggles weaken team cohesion.

High stress and burnout silently drain performance. Addressing these issues is crucial for talent to thrive.

1. Equipping your leaders with coaching skills to inspire and engage their teams with Leader as Coach Training

2. Building strong, cohesive teams through improved communication and collaboration with Team Building Workshops.

3. Sustain peak performance and well-being with personalized strategies through Performance Coaching.

So, imagine if you could FLIP your challenges into PROMISES by:

The Ultimate Aspiration is to empower your leaders, unite your teams, and create an environment where top talent thrives, driving your company to new heights of success.

Leader as Coach - is the way of NOW!


Based on Coach EM's Amazon Best Selling Book, 'What Makes a Great Coach?' our Coach Training focuses on the top 10 practices of the world's best coaches, customized to address your organization's specific challenges. Our Leader as Coach workshop, 'The Way of Now,' equips you with practical coaching skills for everyday and performance conversations. These down-to-earth tools empower you to achieve a minimum 36% increase in personal and team performance. Coach EM passionately believes that coaching elevates leadership communication and enhances talent development in the workplace.

Team Building

Coach EM’s team-building sessions are high-energy, dynamic, impactful, and practical. From our signature Pickleball-Playbook events to our Learn through Play Board Room concepts, Coach EM will guide your management team through key coaching concepts and objectives to ensure success. These interactive activities will explore the art of collaboration and cohesion, focusing on effective communication through guided exercises and reflective dialogue. Coach EM is committed to supporting your company’s sustained growth and success by addressing your specific needs, creating a sense of belonging, and leaving your teams feeling inspired to empower others.


Coach EM’s Performance Coaching unlocks your potential to maximize personal performance. These sessions focus on leadership and individual needs, enhancing self-awareness, harnessing energy, and aligning with purpose. Specializing in energy management, communication skills, and workplace coaching approaches, Coach EM empowers you to thrive under pressure and unleash your full potential.


Managers and leaders struggling to fulfill their potential breaks my heart.

As someone who has represented Australia as a world team coach on 20 occasions, I understand what it takes to be successful in the world of high performance and bring out the best in others. I have faced personal and professional challenges, overcome impostor syndrome, and even presented at a conference alongside the Pope in front of 5,000 coaches. I feel like I am just an ordinary person living an extraordinary life because of being a coach. This is one of the greatest gifts on the planet, which I never take for granted. The leader as coach is the way of now, and companies who adopt this way of managing and leading will continue to harness talent and unleash their true potential.

What People are Saying...

“Emma Doyle's workshops are helping to shape our culture into one of leading through coaching. From the moment it began, Coach EM’s approach was engaging, interactive, and filled with practical experiences that made the learning experience enjoyable and meaningful.”

Christina Collette: GM – REATA Manufacturing

"Our Unleash Your INNER Potential Team Building day with Coach EM was a transformative experience. Emma blended practical learning with a focus on maximizing potential, harnessing belief in team and individual strengths, and building resilient and empathetic muscles. My team found the session insightful, informative, and inspiring.”

Anthony Cimino: Director – Inner Real Estate

“Coach EM’s keynote to our sales teams helped to kick start an internal national meeting. The team described her session as dynamic, energetic, engaging, impactful, and fun. Her tennis references were on point and provided many practical tips for the teams to apply to their everyday roles! Thanks, Coach EM a great session!”

Katerina Kouridakis: Senior Brand Manager – CSL Seqirus

“We had just finished a fiscal year that witnessed several new changes to our team of professionals. Coach EM’s team-building workshop was inspiring and uplifting. It brought us together in a way that would have taken me months, if ever. Thanks, Coach EM.”

Kurtis L. Pitcher CCM CCE: General Manager/COO – Country Club of Fairfax

“Emma Doyle is someone who has you hooked from the moment you meet her. Her energy and passion for life are contagious, but that alone is not what makes her training so phenomenal. She understands how to dig into the issues and COACH you, your leaders, and your team, through them. She took the time to hear from me in regards to where we are at as a company, to help us take our team to the next level in certain key areas.”

Adrian Dominguez: Chief Executive Officer – ROLINC Staffing

“If your team has big goals to accomplish, is struggling to connect, experiencing apathy, or just needs a jolt of inspiration to take them to the next level, I can’t recommend Coach EM enough. She’s helped both my senior leaders and their teams get energized, excited to jump into the more difficult assignments, and inspired to work together to make it all happen.”

Melissa Mizer: Brand Strategist – Publicis, Hawkeye

Coach Em's clients

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